Two small words that can change your job search

In my last post I shared my gratitude to Jade Craven for her interview with me on my Resume Writing services.  Since I wrote the blog and posted the link to her interview, I have had a huge increase in the number of requests for resumes.  Naturally, I wrote a short email to Jade to thank her.  I was then pleasantly surprised to find a message from her on Twitter to let me know how my thank you note had brightened her day and had inspired her to create a video on the ‘Art of Saying Thank You’.

This got me thinking about how saying Thank You can help YOU in your job search.  Three simple, but powerful, ideas came to mind.

1.  After an Interview: If you have just finished a particularly successful interview and know that this is a job you would love to get, sending a personalised, thank you email to the interviewer can be just the thing to separate you from the other interviewees.  It doesn’t need to be long but it does need to be immediate and should be sent as soon as you return home from the interview.  Don’t forget to mention any key points that came from the interview that you would like to reinforce.

2. On Recommendation: When you meet someone who says they might know someone who is hiring in your field you will most likely exchange email addresses.  Rather than just sitting back waiting to hear from them (and then sending an aggressive and pushy email when you don’t) you want to make sure you send them a thank you email them straight away.  Always mention who you are, where you met them and what sort of work you are looking for rather than assuming they remember.

3. After Cold Calling: Cold calling can be hard work but in some industries it is still one of the most effective job search techniques.  However, knocking on door after door and hearing ‘No thanks’ time and again, it’s always great to finally hear someone to agree to read your resume, even if they don’t have anything on offer right now.  Whenever this happens always make sure you ask for a business card so that you can email them as soon as you return home.  Remember business owners often network with others in the same industry and a Thank You email may be just the thing that will cause them to recommend you to another employer who might be looking for someone with your skills.

REMEMBER: Texting and job searching NEVER go hand in hand, always send an email, never a text message.

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