What will your resume look like?

When preparing your job application there are three key factors to successful resume writing that I keep in mind:

1. Template / Design: When choosing your resume template I do stick to the basic rules of no colour, easy to read font, bold to highlight key points and catch the reader’s eye, plenty of white space and wide margins (this not only makes it easy to read but gives the recruiter space to make notes during an interview). While there are exceptions to using fancy graphics and colour (e.g. a designer’s resume can possibly use this although I would recommend still keeping your resume plain and providing an online portfolio instead) don’t be fooled by a resume writer who offers lots of colour and graphics (or binding! Seriously? Sending a bound resume wasn’t cool in the 1990’s and it’s not cool now). The reality is that most companies are not going to waste coloured ink on printing out resumes and your resume is going to come out in black and white anyway. Having a simple but elegant design to start with is going to make this more visually appealing when printed. When choosing a resume template for you, I generally choose the one that I feel is going to best fit all the information neatly on a page. However, that being said, through the internet and programs like MS Word, there are literally hundreds of template designs, so if for some reason you don’t like the template I chose, then send me your preference and the content can easily be arranged to suit your preferred option.

2. Content: Because content is king, this is where a good resume writer is going to make all the difference! To write your resume, I make a start based on either your current resume (if you don’t have a current resume to work from you can download my resume questionnaire and email it to me). From there I compile a short questionnaire where I either need more information or need to clarify anything. A good resume will list your duties and experience neatly in a well-presented template. An exceptional resume will list your duties, experience, skills, special projects and achievements, and will substantiate your claims with practical examples. This is quality content and this is what my resume questionnaires are designed to bring out. Once I receive everything you can then put your feet up while I do all the hard work for you.

3. Skills Matching: No matter how ‘pretty’ your resume looks or how well it’s written, if a recruiter is looking for someone with a certain skills set that you don’t have, your chances are slim of scoring an interview. That being said, some skills can be learnt on the job and don’t require formal training. If you find yourself in this situation and are looking for an employer who will give you the break that you need to enter an industry, or if you are changing careers and want to highlight those transferable skills, a well-written resume will allow you to do this. More importantly, in this situation, you can’t overlook the value of a fantastic cover letter and this is where I can help.

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